Rachel Lyn Durga

Branding for Rachel Lyn Durga in Minneapolis, MN.

Rachel Lyn Durga


Need: Rachel is a Minneapolis-based body healer who's practice focuses on the restorative and working with the subtle energies of the mind, body, and spirit—rooted in healing tradition of Ayurvedic bodywork. She offers several services and needed a holistic, healing-focused brand to market them.

Solution: I created a brand identity that reflects the wholesome and peaceful nature of her complete, healthy lifestyle with a color system that allows her to individualize her offerings while also staying consistent to her brand story.


Ashton absolutely nailed the mood I was looking to incorporate into building my business. The logo representing mind, body, and spirit as well as their circular intersection is beautifully simplistic and easy to use in marketing. 

Clients and business friends have all said they enjoy the images and colors. Business is always changing, and I've been able to keep up with the well-rounded package of branding tools Ashton created. Definitely recommend!